Building finance made easy! – Home loans in germany

Most customers only use construction finance once in their lives. It is all the most difficult for them to find their way through the jungle of technical terms. After all, not everyone can be an expert in the broad field of finance.

Basic concepts of home finance

In general, construction finance is one of the so-called complex financial products. They should therefore not be completed without prior advice. A customer who has the necessary basic knowledge can, however, appear better in the consultation and understand or help shape the arguments for choosing the right product.

Dr. Meir – an independent provider of financial services for private customers and companies – has therefore recently published some short explanatory videos. Customers who want to find out more about home finance for the first time will find helpful information here that is also prepared in an understandable manner.

The nature of an annuity loan

The nature of an annuity loan

The annuity loan is certainly the most popular form of mortgage lending. In the explanatory video “What is an annuity loan?” You can find out which components make up the annuity loan and which advantages the loan type offers.

The importance of building interest

What are the differences between effective interest and debit interest? What additional credit costs are hidden in it and what should you watch out for when paying loan installments?

The explanatory video “Building rates – what is that?” Provides valuable explanations:

Repayment options for mortgage loans

Loans must be repaid. In the explanatory video “Redemption and special redemption – what is it?” You will find out exactly what is meant by the term redemption and how the respective amount of the redemption rate affects. It also explains when special repayment is possible.

Early follow-up financing for mortgages

If you want to extend your existing mortgage lending prematurely in order to secure a low interest rate, you can use forward loans. Exactly what these look like and what you should consider is explained in more detail in the following explanatory video “Forward Loans – What exactly is it?”

Construction loan

Construction loan

As a rule, the homeowner has saved 40% of the home savings in the past seven years. If these two conditions are fulfilled, then the homeowner is entitled to the entire amount of the home savings loan. This is made up of the construction loan credit and the construction loan, whereby the construction loan accounts for 60% of the total.

If the construction loan has read the letter from his building society, then he knows that he can deal with his home savings account in various ways. He may refuse the allocation and wait for his contract to be assigned once more in due course. This makes sense, if neither the saved money, nor the construction loan offered is currently needed, but in a few months are very welcome. He can also accept the allotment.