Low apr car loans for bad credit -Need a car loan with really bad credit?

Need a car loan with really bad credit?

The sports car, chic convertible or family-friendly van – no matter what your dream car looks like: via a car loan with really bad credit you can now easily fulfill your dream.

You can get many cars that are almost priceless as new cars as well-kept used cars for a small part of the original price. Even luxury sedans, which now cost 100,000 USD and more, are on offer for 15,000 USD after a few years. A car loan of this amount is associated with very low monthly installments – so you can now easily afford a real dream car.

So far you thought that luxury sports cars were only for the “top ten thousand”? Then take a look at mobile.de or autoscout.de – you will be amazed. Whether Mercedes SL, BMW 6 Series or a Porsche – after a few years, all these dream cars do not cost more than a new VW Golf.

The loan interest is currently in the basement, so you can get your car loan particularly cheap. So when, if not now, would be the ideal time to make your car dreams come true?

With a car loan to the SUV owner

Perhaps you feel more like a spacious SUV than a sports car? The X5 from BMW, the VW Touareg or the M-Class from Mercedes are available as used vehicles at very reasonable prices. Most of the cars have 150,000 or a few kilometers more on the speedometer – but that doesn’t matter to the big machines. Provided, of course, that the previous owner always looked after the car well and brought it regularly for inspection.

Therefore an important tip: Decide on a used car with a checkbook. All maintenance and repair work is entered here. By the way, you can also check the mileage on the basis of a continuously kept checkbook.

A cheap car loan for your station wagon

Not everyone dreams of a luxury car with prestige – families with children in particular often prefer to look around for a station wagon. It should be spacious, solid and safe. Here, too, the range of new and used vehicles is huge. With a cheap car loan from Across lender, you can “strike” as soon as you find a cheap offer.

From small cars to limousines – always the ideal car loan

No matter whether your dream car costs 2,000 USD, 20,000 USD or 40,000 USD – Across lender helps you to find the right car loan. Our credit experts are guaranteed to work for you at no upfront cost, looking for a loan to buy your car from up to 20 different banks.

Low-interest rates and fast processing are the focus when choosing a car loan – after all, you want a quick promise and really favorable conditions.

With Across lender it often takes less than 24 hours until you have your specific offer for a car loan on the table.

How to get your car loan:

Bon credit can be reached 24 hours a day. Submit your free loan request online whenever you have time and desire.

Find out in advance how much money you need to buy your dream car. You then enter the amount as the loan amount for your car loan.

Our credit experts will process your request immediately and send you a free car loan offer as soon as possible.

If you would like to have the credit for your car, send the loan agreement back and have the amount transferred to your account.

With a car loan, you become a cash payer

Anyone who can put money on the table immediately has a clear advantage in price negotiations. At the car dealer, you will notice what this means in concrete terms: If you already have the approval for your car loan in your pocket, you do not need financing from the dealer. This allows you to negotiate high discounts and, with a little luck, make a real bargain.

You will benefit from the discounts if you buy a new car or buy a used car. You can get the highest discounts in terms of percentages and absolute figures when buying a new vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer and model, savings of 20, 30 or even 40 percent compared to the list price are possible.

Special tip: dealerships in particular, which will soon be replaced by a new generation, are often offered by car dealerships at a particularly low price.

Flexible terms for your car loan

With Across lender you enjoy maximum flexibility with regard to the term of your car loan. Terms from 12 to 120 months are possible. That means: If you want, you can take up to ten years to repay the car loan.

However, shorter terms of, for example, 36, 48 or 60 months are usually cheaper. Thanks to the currently very low-interest rates, the credit rates for your car purchase remain manageable.

Car loan without a Credit bureau

Car loan without Credit bureau

Many large banks use the Credit bureau information very one-sidedly for credit checks. If negative characteristics are stored at the Credit bureau, the chances of getting a car loan are dramatically reduced. Not so with Across lender: even with a “bad Credit bureau” you have a very good chance of getting a loan for your car purchase. Because our credit experts know banks and other financiers that enable financing even with negative Credit bureau characteristics.

Just because there are one or two negative entries at the Credit bureau, you don’t have to do without buying a car. Receipt credit can help you find suitable financing even in difficult cases.